2016: Tony Stewart Tire Test

tire testHere is awesome pic of Tony Stewart’s “test” car during a tire test session!


#9 Rich Bickle Orkin Pest Control


Rich Bickle
#9 Orkin Pest Control
Ford Thunderbird
Owner: Harry Melling
Laps Ran: 157/ Running
Laps Led: 0
Prize Money: $24,000

#99 Danny Sullivan Corporate Car


Danny Sullivan
#99 Corporate Car
Chevy Lumina
Owner: Chris Virtue
Laps Ran: 152/ Running
Laps Led: 0
Prize Money: $22,750

#55 Jimmy Hensley Bondo / Mar-Hyde

Jimmy Hensley
#55 Bondo / Mar-Hyde
Ford Tunderbird
Owner: Ray DeWitt
Laps Ran: 155/ Running
Laps Led: 0
Prize Money: $23,000

*****The first picture is from practice or quals.  The only pictures I can find of the car after it had sponsership, are from the Hi Tech Trading card set. *****